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Our company is committed to producing high-quality agricultural machinery products. Our products cover everything from small agricultural machinery to large agricultural machinery, as well as various motors and water pump equipment, which can meet the needs of operations on different scale sites. Adhering to the business philosophy of integrity, innovation, and win-win contracts, we will go global and create brilliance together! We are looking for talents who love agriculture, are passionate about agricultural machinery products, and have an innovative spirit. We offer generous talent benefits and welcome you to join our team. The following are the positions we are currently recruiting:

Mechanical designer
Electronic Engineer
Marketing Specialist
Foreign Trade Market Specialist
Responsible for the development and testing of stamping equipment molds, products, etc., ensuring that the developed products meet industry standards and customer needs.
Responsible for designing and testing electronic control systems for various agricultural machinery products to ensure their reliability and efficiency under various working conditions.
Responsible for developing and implementing marketing plans, promoting agricultural machinery products, CNC products, and establishing long-term cooperative relationships with customers.
Responsible for the company's foreign trade, mainly promoting international markets such as Southeast Asia, and establishing long-term cooperative relationships with customers.
Chongqing Kaima Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd
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